Do’s and Don’ts of Finding a Car Wash in Powell

April 9, 2018

A car is an important investment, and some people even consider their cars as prized possessions. But routine maintenance such as washing and detailing can be extremely time-consuming. It could take a whole afternoon to hand wash a vehicle while taking care to not miss the tiny details. Car washes are easy, quick, and the car owner can relax while paid professionals take care of the dirty work. It’s important to find the best car wash in Powell, Ohio but we at Ron’s Express Car Wash & Oil Change, Inc have a few tips for choosing the best one.


Do’s & Don’ts 

Don’t pick a car wash that only has a couple of vague settings with no indication of what each setting actually does to your vehicle. Take a closer look and make sure the car wash is actually going to wash your car, not just rinse it off. Even though it could be slightly more expensive, don’t skimp out on hand prep options to remove road grime, bugs, and bird droppings.

Do choose a car wash that has tons of variety in their options. For example, Ron’s Express Carwash & Oil Change, Inc in Powell, Ohio has four different options ranging from standard express washes to the luxurious hot lava spa, with the opportunity to have interior cleaning for your vehicle. This includes vacuuming, wiping clean the dashboard, and cleaning the windows of the car.

Don’t take your car to a gas station car wash. The care and respect that you and your vehicle deserve just aren’t there. Make sure to go to an establishment that also does basic car maintenance. Not only can you rest assured knowing your car is in good hands, but you can get a quick oil change in Powell, Ohio as well.

Do spring for a hand car wash with Ron’s Express Carwash & Oil Change, Inc. As professionals and car enthusiasts, the hand washing routine can bring a new shine and level of care that just can’t be done by automated car washes. Although it doesn’t seem worth the expense, the time taken and attention to detail make a huge difference at the end of the day when it comes to the appearance of your car.

Finding the perfect car wash in Columbus, Ohio doesn’t seem like a decision that requires much thought, but doesn’t it feel better to drive your car when it’s shiny, clean, and looking the best it can be? As stated earlier, cars are an investment, and it’s imperative to take good care of that investment. Next time you take it out for a wash, consider our do’s and don’ts of picking the best car wash in Powell, Ohio.

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