What Should a Full Auto Detailing Service Include?

September 12, 2018

Auto Detailing should cover every nook and cranny involved within your automobile. It is evident that detailing should cover every single aspect of your car. At Ron’s Express Carwash and Oil Change, we make sure to cover every possible area that may contain dirt or road grime to leave your vehicle looking like you just pulled it off of the lot!

Best Practices for Auto Detailing in Columbus, Ohio

When considering the best practices for auto detailing services in Columbus, Ohio it is imperative that order is maintained. Reason being, if you are cleaning dirt or grime and spreading it to a surface that has already been cleaned you defeat the entire purpose of the detailing process. That is why it is best to clean the interior before the exterior. Cleaning from the inside out makes it possible to ensure an entirely spotless detailing experience.

Interior Auto Detailing in Columbus, Ohio

On the interior of the car, we begin by assessing the type of material and inner layout you are working with. We vacuum the carpets, restore seat and upholstery surfaces with shampoo or steam cleaners and make sure to deeply condition all types of leather surfaces. We are extremely thorough and will clean the door jams, windows, steering wheel column, dashboard, center console, and cup holders. We will remove all types of elements such as pet hair and make sure to cleanse deep within your car’s crevices to dig out caked on grime or dust. For hard to reach places, we tend to use canned air pressure to remove dust or debris from surfaces or crevices that are difficult to reach. We can clean entire passenger and trunk surfaces.

Engine Detailing

The engine bay is included as a part of your car’s interior. We treat your engine with care through a multi-step cleaning process. First, the engine is lightly misted with water; gunk is removed with a suitable degreaser and once scrubbed the entire engine receives a complete rinse afterward. Once dry, all silicone, plastic and rubber components are properly dressed to protect from cracking.

Exterior Auto Detailing in Columbus, Ohio

Our all-inclusive Columbus, Ohio auto detailing service makes sure to clean initially from the interior and then to the exterior. Maintaining order is imperative to budget time wisely and give our customers the greatest outcome for their car.

First Step for External Auto Detailing

The first exterior surface that deserves care are the wheels and wheel well. Since these areas typically store the most grime buildup, it is logical to deeply cleanse them first. Our certified professional auto detailers will clean the undercarriage, chassis and major suspension components such as the anti-roll bars, control arms, brake calipers, and lug nuts. The wheels and tires are meticulously cleaned, and we proceed to dress them in a protectant that improves luster and protects them from corrosion or cracking. Plastic splash guards and inner fender liners are inundated with a plastic protectant to ensure complete restoration.

Second Step for External Auto Detailing

The next step throughout the exterior auto detailing process comes in the form of headlight cleansing. Polishing compounds are used on headlights, tail lights and the exterior trim to eliminate oxidation. Afterward, the lights are dressed with a plastic protectant sealant to prevent cracking or fading. Light cosmetic, restorative work is included to keep your lights shining brightly for a solid duration of time. To diligently restore and enhance the lights, high-quality cleaning agents are used to creating a crystal clear and smear free result. We will also clean the chrome and polish the exhaust tips on the exterior of your vehicle.

Last Step for External Auto Detailing

The last piece of the auto detailing puzzle is the most time consuming and also the most vital component: paintwork. The paint care should be implemented on the basis of clean, correct and protect. With a proper wash and dry, the clean aspect will be completely covered. It is important to let the exterior foam soak before rinsing and then to use a soft bristle detailing brush to scrub windows, covers, plastic grills, trim details and badges. Also, a clay bar application removes tough bonded surface contaminants with an extremely clear coat certain to rid of any exterior dirt buildup. Your paint is polished to remove dirt, tar, scratches, swirl marks, hazing, oxidation or surface imperfections. The critical method utilized involve rotary or dual action polishing machines, premium car washing solutions, and wax sealant.

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At Ron’s Express Carwash and Oil Change, our adequate facilities and high standard car care professionals will ensure that your experience ranks at the top of the totem pole. We take your automobile service seriously and insist that your car doesn’t just leave out of here clean but rather it leaves sparkling. We will improve your car to excellent condition for it to retain resale value and look elite as it is supposed to. Our features and pricing are very competitive and if you need more proof just consult any review services or affiliations. Our Simoniz certified professionals coupled with our exceptional facilities leave our client base satisfied every time they need automobile detailing.